Stylish + Sophisticate + Creative + Contemporary

A wardrobe to the thoughtful and worldly non-conformist; modern and minimal clothes and accessories might be enchanted with a trompe l'oeil print or constructed  form an unexpected material. Largely influenced by graphic design – the theory and technique – the clothes have a cerebral vibe and a sculptural quality. This implicit and explicit use of graphics is what marks Greyhound out from other fashion house.

Playful + Cheeky + Teen Spirit + Sporty Street Style

Characterized by a lack of pretense and a slightly off-kilter aesthetic, the Playhound man/boy might roll out of bed, throw on whatever's on the floor and skateboard to band practice while the Playhound woman/girl might put on a red lipstick, mix-and-match a devil-may-care manner and scream the night away at an indie-rock concert. These willful independent souls take orders from no one.