Greyhound was founded in Bangkok by four friends with no formal training in fashion or food, and no grand ambition. Informed by a wide range of interests from arts, music to architecture, Greyhound is nevertheless bound by shared aesthetics. There is no scientific procedure for discovering the Greyhound DNA, but after three decades of organic growth through trial and error, Greyhound is known for its unique creativity. The friends did not set out to create a brand but they grew into one.
Why "Greyhound"? Because it invokes the image of a sleek, elegant and noble creature, full of spirit and, most of all, a man's best friend.
Greyhound first opened its door in Bangkok, offering men’s casual wear.

The first Greyhound store was a happy accident.

Situated at Siam Center - the most fashionable mall in Bangkok at the time - the Greyhound store debuted along side the firstGreyhound collection and established a new alternative voice of cool on the Bangkok fashion scene. The space was small. around 50 square metres, and was constructed at varied grey materials - bare concrete. Bleached teak wood and ram finished iron. The result was subtly masculine yet styiish. minimal yet detailed. Instantly making the Greyhound
Journey of a Basic

“The search of 100% quality started at 100% cotton”

What began as a search for a basic, good quality cotton t-shirt grew into a permanent obsession. It was almost Impossible to find the right cotton for t-shirt and shirting In Bangkok.

What was available at the local garment district was of bad quality. Then Greyhound discovered 2-ply high thread count bedding fabric - the perfect alternative - and turned it into a wardrobe staple. The 100% cotton t-shirt quickly became a Greyhound signature and an industry standard Countless manifestations have appeared every season for 30 years: screened, treated, dyed, slashed, sewn - it's been done.
Expanded into women’s wear, leather goods and accessories.
Greyhound opened the first Greyhound Cafe, adding another aspect to our brand, turning Greyhound from a fashion label into a cutting edge lifestyle brand in Bangkok.
greyhound launched Playhound by Greyhound, a second apparel line offering younger flamboyant clothes with modern, casual and experimental street attitude.

No thinking required, wear Playhound Characterized by a lack of pretense and a slightly off-kilter aesthetic,the Playhound man/boy might roll out of bed,throw on whatever's on the floor and skateboard to band practice while the Playhound woman/girl might put on red lipstick, mix-and-match in a devi;-may-care manner and scream the night away at an indie-rock concert.

These willful and independent souls take no orders from anyone.
There are 13 stand-alone and shop-in-shop boutique stores plus 9 cafe’s and restaurant in Bangkok.

Greyhound boutique also expanded abroad through leading department stores and multi-brand boutiques like South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Switzerland, Austria, Russia and Israel.
Today Greyhound is more than a brand of clothes. It is a way of life