Visionaries : 40 Years of Thai Fashion Through the Eyes of Photographers

September 24, 2014

@Siam Center and Siam Dicovery

Siam center joins hands with Bangkok Fashion Society (BFS) and the most prominent fashion photographers in Thailand for the fashion collaboration “Visionaries : 40 Years of Thai Fashion Through the Eyes of Photographers” Present to portray the evolution of Thai fashion through the works of 19 photographers, the photography exhibition that dedicated to Witaya Marayat and Grand Gala – the greatest Thai fashion event in 40 years.

Grand Gala crowded with fashion people, designers, models and celebrities. Greyhound and Playhound also participated in the event as well. Greyhound’s muse, Sakwut Visesmanee, one of the big name artists in Thailand and Playhound’s muse, PanPan Temfah, the rising star of entertainment industry. Both walk along the red carpet with Brand Creative Directors. Their images are well represented character of each brand. Moreover, there’s a special award given to a person who is a big supporter that create and develop Thai fashion industry for a long time. Guests cheered and clapped loudly as the award goes to Bhanu Inkawat, Founder and Creative Director of Greyhound Original. And that was the moment that impressive, Bravo!

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