Youthful Play “Youth of Bangkok”

November 21, 2014

An Art Project By Binn and Pat Sutithon. In collaboration with Playhound By Greyhound. 

If you look up to Bangkok sky these days, your eyes will stumble upon photographs of a gang of youths staring point blank back at you. Or if you peer closely into the city’s forgotten corners, you will also see these faces dancing to Bangkok’s eclectic beats. Then you’ll begin to question what these kids have in common, who put them there and why they are captured so genuinely that they become haunting and enigmatic despite their lack of recognizable fame. You go home with their images forever etched on your mind. 

There is no clever advertising tag line. There is no logo. There is no blatant communication efforts. There is no in-your-face bright neon lights. Just a hashtag that reads #youthofbangkok. 

“Youth of Bangkok” is a collaborative art project of Napat Sutithon, Elle Men’s fashion editor, photographer and director Binn Buameanchol and Playhound by Greyhound. The photos of 30 Bangkok youths come in three different sizes: gigantic poster (7x5 m), regular poster and sticker. They are plastered on Bangkok’s landmarks, universities and unexpected sites (see below for the list of outlets). 

“We have many different ways to promote our collections, but now we’d like to directly communicate with our clienteles. We want to talk to them about our brand attitude in our own way, and we want to do it where they can see clearly. We’ve chosen these spots because we feel that their lifestyles take them to these places on a daily basis,” said Playhound by Greyhound’s creative director Jitsing Somboon. “Napat and Binn make a great team, and they’ve been working together for a while now. What they do matches what we do here at Playhound by Greyhound. Their works are brimming with personality, youthful energy and refreshing honesty,” he added. 

“Youth of Bangkok” project gathers 30 Bangkok youths, and captures them at their rawest moments through the lens. Napat and Binn feel that these individuals are representative of our hectic capital through their life choices and unspoken understandings of cultures. They might be nonchalant towards Bangkok and all that it entails, but, unknowingly, their combined energy is what makes the city throb and thrive. 

“Our selected subjects are 18 to 25 years old. They are all very interesting in their own ways. They come from different nooks and crannies of creative industry while some of them just have the most amazing worldviews. In our opinion, ‘Youth of Bangkok’ are people who don’t give a toss what others think of them. They are silent leaders standing in the corners, trying to carve out the most meaningful lifestyles that they possibly can,” said Napat. 
The photos are closely cropped to accentuate the glints in their eyes and facial expressions--be they vacant or determined. It goes almost unnoticed that they’re in fact wearing Playhound by Greyhound. There is hardly any make-up or hair styling, resulting in, at times, unkempt hairs and rough skin. There is no photographic manipulation or lighting set up to alter their physical selves. There is no mobile phone filter to enhance their looks. Everything is done au naturale, and the expressed emotions are real. The medium format camera used requires high concentration, but seizes the smallest details, giving in to harsh and true representations. 

“We want to present the kind of reality that is not distorted by outside factors,” said Napat.  

“Youth of Bangkok” project can be viewed at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok University Gallery (BUG), Rattanakunakorn Building – Rangsit University, Communication Design – Chulalongkorn University, Silpakorn University Central Library and Thonglor (Sukhumvit 55).